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1. What Are The Facilities Available In The Tents At Pawna Lake Camping?

All camping tents at the campground are fully loaded with camping gear like camping mats, pillows, bed sheets and quilts. Pawna Lake camping is very comfortable and glamping experience.

2. Add Your HeadiWhat Is The Distance From Mumbai To Pawna Lake?

Mumbai is at a distance of 120 km from Pawna Lake.ng Text Here

3. Add Your HeadiWhere Is Pawana Exactly Located?

Pawana is located in Maval District which is near Kamshet & Lonavala. Pawana lake is about 130 km from Mumbai & about 60 km from Pune.

4. Add Your Heading TexIs Pawna Lake Camping Child Friendly?

Yes, Pawna Lake Camping is extremely kid friendly with loads of activities offered by camp operators that are ideal for kids.

5. What Is The Distance From Pune To Pawna Lake?

Pune is at a distance of 60 km from Pawna Lake.

6. How To Reach Pawna Lake Camp From Mumbai Or Pune?

You can first reach the two major towns of Lonavala or Kamshet by Bus, Cab or Train and then take a cab from either of the towns to Pawana Lake. OLA, Uber and other private operators also directly provide cabs from Mumbai and Pune to Pawna lake. One can also get a private car and drive to Pawna lake.

7. Are There Any Wild Animals At Pawna Lake?

No, there aren’t any wild animals at Pawna Lake. Although Pawna lake is in the outdoors, its totally safe & close to human civilization; and you will not find any sort of wild animals except for the regular cows, dogs and cats there.

8. Are There First Aid Kits Available At Pawna Lake Camping?

Yes, all campsites have first aid kits and basic medical supplies. The doctor can also be made available on call. All the camp operators have their own vehicles and during any medical emergency, transportation is also not an issue.

9. Is It Allowed To Swim In Pawna Lake?

No, going swimming into the lake water is strictly prohibited.

10. What Is The Capacity Of Tents ?

Tents at Pawna Lake are spacious and high quality and can accommodate 2 to 4 people depending on the type of tent. Tents are available on 2, 3 and 4 sharing basis.