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Escape the city lights and experience calm with Eagle Paradise.
The crackling warmth of the campfire, the gentle lapping of Pawna Lake, and a million twinkling stars whispering secrets in the cool night air. This is the magic we bring to camping.

However, we’re not just about camping; we’re about creating experiences that stay with you long after you’ve packed up your tent. Our thoughtfully curated glamping packages offer the perfect blend of comfort and amusement. Picture plush tents with cozy bedding, campfire pits for roasting marshmallows and sharing stories, and delicious meals that fuel your exploration.

So, ditch the screens, swap cityscapes for stargazing, and let Eagle Paradise rekindle your connection with nature. We’ll be waiting with open arms (and roasting marshmallows) by the lakeside.

Book your Pawna Lake camping adventure today and let the good times begin!


Our mission is to provide our guests with an unparalleled camping experience that perfectly blends adventure, relaxation, and convenience. We strive to offer a range of services including comfortable tent stays, delicious meals, and engaging activities, all set against the stunning backdrop of Pawna Lake. We are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our guests.


Our vision is to establish Pawna Lake Camping as the premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a serene and rejuvenating lakeside camping experience. We aim to be recognized for our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Pawna Lake and its surroundings, while providing our guests with a memorable and enriching camping experience.

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